Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)

A health hazard to you, me and the community!

Persistent Organic Pollutants are a group of toxic chemicals commonly found in households, waste disposal sites and even in our surroundings. While these pollutants may not always be obvious, their effects can negatively affect your health and long-term wellness.

The truth is, danger lurks where you least expect it.

Understand the Dangers of POPs!


The sources and uses of POPs/UPOPs.


How you and your family are exposed and affected.


By minimising your exposure.

Learn How To Protect Your Self

Say No to Persistent Organic Pollutants!

POPs are in our environment and can accumulate to toxic levels over time in our body—turning short-lived aches and pains into permanent damage that affects the liver, thyroid and important neurological functions.

Exposure, even at low levels can lead to increased cancer risk, reproductive disorders, alteration of the immune system, neurobehavioral impairment, endocrine disruption, genotoxicity and increased birth defects.

Welcome to the world of POPs.

Watch the POPs Short Films

Join a host of colorful characters as they go about their daily lives and highlight their interactions with POPs. These animations are perfect as an introduction to the world of Persistent Organic Pollutants, and we encourage you to watch, share, and learn!

Farmer Ricky's: Pesticide Predicament

Journey with farmer Ricky and his family as they embark on a POPs Pesticides adventure.

Keith and Martin: The ABCs of POPs

Keith and Martin are up to it again, but Adita is here to give these guys some education. Join this lovable crew as they learn the ABCs of POPs.

Patsy and Joe: Don't burn to learn!

Patsy learns an invaluable lesson in burning and what this means for her unborn baby, friends, and loved ones.

POPs: They're Everywhere!

Understand how you are being affected.

Many products used in our daily lives may contain POPs, and as a result, these pollutants can be found everywhere. It’s important to be aware of how POPs can affect you and your loved ones!


Families are groups of interconnected individuals. Which means when your little one from school brings home a runny nose, suddenly everyone at home is sneezing

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Young developing children are a product of their environment. And when their surroundings contain dangerous hazards such as Persistent Organic Pollutants, it’s important to educate

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You may be exposed to POPs and not even know it!

Become familiar with the dangers POPs pose to your health.

Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) are organic compounds that are resistant to environmental degradation through chemical, biological, and photolytic processes. Because of their persistence, POPs bioaccumulate with potential adverse impacts on human health and the environment.


At and around your household, you and your family may be exposed to a variety of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) including the Brominated Flame Retardants:

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Whether you are on a farm spraying your crops or at the grocery store shopping for produce, you may be in contact with Highly Hazardous

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In your backyard or even at the dinner table, you may be in contact with Unintentional Persistent Organic Pollutants (UPOPs) and not even know it.

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If you live or work near sites where PCB oils have been used or stored (such as power generation stations or transformer storage sites) you

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There are few contaminants that have been found around the world like Perfluorooctane Sulfonate (PFOS). Used in many popular consumer goods such as stain-resistant carpets,

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